4 Steps To Your New Kitchen


Measure It

Items you will need: Measuring Tape, Straight Edge, Graph Paper.

When measuring your kitchen, measure clockwise and record all the lengths of each wall while you work your way around the room. Record vertical measurements of the floor to window sill, the whole window, and the top of the window sill to the ceiling. Complete an additional measurement of the floor to the ceiling to make sure your other measurements are accurate. These measurements will be the basis for all planning and designing of your kitchen. For all permanent features in your kitchen, find your centre and indicate the centreline. These measurements will be needed for items such as wall ovens, ranges, sinks (pluming), windows, doors, closets, ducts, and outlets (electrical). When measuring doors and windows, the casing is considered part of the door or window and must be included. Measure from one side to the other of the door or window trim, then measure from the outside of the trim to the middle of the door or window.


Plan It

Things you will need: Measurement drawings of space, Style you are trying to achieve, Features you would like to include.

Planning your kitchen is when your dreams and ideas start to become reality. With the help of our Kitchen Designers at CW Kitchens, we will ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams. Some considerations when planning your kitchen can include the style, design, and colour. Before you start to plan your design it is highly recommended that you do some personal research into finding your style. Every individual has a particular style that they are drawn to, if that’s clean and uncluttered or elegant and adorned. Think about how you use your current kitchen and what feels comfortable to you. Consider what you like about your existing kitchen and what particular items you would like to change. It is extremely helpful if you make a list of things that you would like to keep versus new additions that you would like to see in your new kitchen. Our Kitchen Designers will then design your space with the specific items, style, colours and material that you would like to see in your dream kitchen.


More Info:

CW Kitchens on-site measuring service includes a one-on-one scheduled appointment where our measuring specialist will come to your residence and take accurate measurements of the indicated renovation areas. This service costs a fee of $150.00

CW Kitchens on-site design consultation and measuring service includes a one-on-one scheduled appointment where both kitchen designer and measuring specialist visit your residence. This appointment includes accurate measurements of the indicated renovation areas as well as personal planning and design consultation. This service cost a fee of $300.00


Finalize It

Things you will need: Appointment with Kitchen Designer.

When you are satisfied with your design it is time to sign off and put it into production. You will make one last appointment with your Kitchen Designer to go over any last minute modifications or changes. In this appointment all your selections and modifications are final. Drawings are then released to home owners upon sign off of drawing and deposit. If we will be delivering and installing the cabinetry a final measurement will take place to ensure that everything designed fits properly in its specific spots.

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Install It

Things you will need to do: Remove all pre-existing cabinetry, Remove all pre-existing countertop, Create a workable space for install.

For the process of both supplying and installing cabinetry, a clean and workable space in the designated renovation area must be present. All pre-existing cabinetry and countertop must be removed as we do not remove old cabinetry. When installing the specific cabinetry all efforts within reason will be made to contain dust generated by this process. Precautions are taken to protect floors and walls as well. In some cases cabinetry modifications will have to be made on-site which can deal with the process of cutting material. If you choose either supply for delivery or pick up the installation is completely done by you, the home owner. For the most part all of the cabinetry is assembled and placed in their specific delivery boxes. Items such as hardware, doors, and drawers may have to be assembled on-site. At CW Kitchens we also have an excellent service team with amazing response times if needed after installation.


More Info:

CW Kitchens offers three different types of installation processes which include:

  1. Supply and Install (price dependent on job size and travel distance)

  2. CW Kitchens delivers and installs Supply for delivery (price dependent on travel distance)

  3. CW Kitchens delivers and home owner installs Supply for pick up (no additional charge)

  4. Home owner picks product up and installs


What To Expect


Be Budget Wise


Plan your budge on 80% of what you want your actual budget to be. Labour and installation are two main costs but don’t forget the miscellaneous items such as accessories for your new kitchen.


Think Ahead


Do some personal research into the style, colour, and design that interests you. Each individual has different interests and tastes. Visit our instagram page for inspiration.


Meet With Us


Book an appointment with one of our professional designers. The Design showroom is open from 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday - Friday. Let us help make your dreams a reality.


Make It Reality


Measuring, designing, and making adjustments can take a long time. This particular process does not have a time length as many things can change with the design.


Sign Off


Once the original design is complete and too your liking everything needs to be signed o to put it into production. This process occurs in the original meeting with your design consultant.


Production Process


The production timeline all depends on how busy the shop currently is. Time frame for job installation once sign-off has been completed can range anywhere from 3-4 weeks.


Installation Preparation


Prior to installation all pre-existing cabinetry must be removed and discarded. A clean and clutter free workspace is needed during instal.


Installation Day


During installation day some times additional pieces must be cut to adapt to the structure of the kitchen. With that being said, installers may have to complete these cuts within the home


More Questions? Contact a designer at sales@cwkitchens.com