Practical Options

At CW Kitchens we believe that cabinetry should not only be beautiful, but also functional. These practical options enhance both the value of your home and add purposeful features to your kitchen like under-cabinet lighting and roll-out pantries. Below you can explore some of our unique kitchen pieces that will improve both the design and functionality of your kitchen.


Deep Cabinet Above Fridge

A deeper fridge cabinet is a great way to frame larger appliances, while also providing clearer access to items stored above. These deep cabinets can also be fitted with adjustable tray dividers, which are perfect for storing and organizing cutting boards, platters or any other larger pans or trays.


Hide Away Garbage & Recycle Centers

Standard trash and recycle bins are both an eyesore and can take up a lot of floor space in your kitchen.Our solution is the Hide Away garbage system, which will keep the bins hidden, reduce odours and organize your garbage bins to free up floor space, and promote sustainability.


Soft-Close Doors & Drawers

Soft-close hinges increase the lifespan of your cabinetry by lessening the force of closing doors and drawers. This feature also minimizes the sound of slamming doors and drawers and is perfect for a household with children.


Roll-Outs in Base Cabinetry or Pantries

Roll-Out cabinets are both more accessible and space friendly than traditional cabinets. This ergonomic improvement to a regular pantry or cabinet allows for clear visibility and access, without having to bend down. This can help reduce strain on your knees and back, while maximizing functional storage space.


Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-Cabinet lighting is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. This lighting increases the visibility of counter tops and cabinetry while highlighting accent pieces of your kitchen. From a practical standpoint it provides increased visibility and safety for cutting, cleanup and daily use. Another great option is to use the lighting as a night light or background lighting, without using your bright overhead lights at all times.


Pots and Pans Cabinets

This unique cabinet is a hybrid of a roll-out and a deep drawer cabinet. It is perfect for placement beside the range where you may need different items from the kitchen to cook with. The upper drawer is used for smaller items like cutlery and silverware, while the bottom two drawers are deeper and can be compartmentalized to store larger items like pots and pans. This versatile format ensures that anything you might need to cook, is both well organized and at your fingertips.